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» Project VAMOS (partnership between UofI and UFSC/Brazil)

Project VAMOS (partnership between UofI and UFSC/Brazil)

Project VAMOS is an ongoing study to compare advantages and disadvantages of traditional group-based exercise programs with an evidence-based behavioral change program designed to promote physically active lifestyles among older Brazilians. Participants in this project include approximately 50 community dwelling older adults aged 60 years and older, living in Florianopolis, Southern Brazil. They were divided among two intervention groups: traditional exercise class (GE) and a behavioral change program (GB); and a control group (GC). GE group consists of a 3-month aerobics class, 3 times per week, 60 min each; whereas GB group will be a 12-session behavioral change program called ‘Active Living Every Day’. The programs were offered in public health centers through the city. Using the RE-AIM public health evaluation model, we are exploring the reach, adoption, implementation, and sustainability of the two interventions.