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» Improving Physical Activity Across the Lifespan

Improving Physical Activity Across the Lifespan

Low levels of physical activity are a major risk factor for chronic diseases.  Prof David Buchner participates in several initiatives to promote physical activity across the lifespan.

Currently Professor Buchner is a member of the Science Board of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition.  In this capacity, he provides input on national initiatives to promote physical activity in all age groups, especially children.  More information is available at:

Prof Buchner is a member of the Board of Directors for the National Physical Activity Plan.  The plan is "a comprehensive set of policies, programs, and initiatives that aim to increase physical activity in all segments of the American population."  For more information see:

Within the state of Illinois, Prof Buchner assisted in the creation of the Illinois Enhanced Physical Education Strategic Plan.  The plan provides a blueprint for "improving physical activity and wellness in Illinois K-12 Schools."  Released in June 2012, a copy of the plan is available at:{8FA842F5-1996-491C-8033-DA4A949DF698}.

Prof Buchner is also a member of the Illinois state team for for the Pioneering Healthier Communities initiative of the YMCA.  This initiative seeks to improve physical activity by emphasizing policy, environment, and systems changes in the state.  He consulted on developing a community assessment tool used by the YMCA, published as:  Kim S, Adamson KC, Balfanz DR, et al.  Development of the Community Health Living Index:  A tool to foster healthy environments for the prevention of obesity and chronic disease.  Prev Med 2009;50:S80-S85.

Prof Buchner's research interest is in promoting physical activity in older adults.  As a fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), he chairs the Strategic Health Initiative--Aging for ACSM.  This initiatives helps coordinate and direct ACSM's activities related to physical activity in older adults.