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» The Fitness Improves Thinking in Kids (FITKids) Program

The Fitness Improves Thinking in Kids (FITKids) Program

The Fitness Improves Thinking in Kids (FITKids) research project, which investigates the effects of physical activity and aerobic fitness on cognitive and brain health in children, has been running for five years and has incorporated a number of community organizations and events in that time. The FITKids after school program serves as the intervention for the research project and includes 8 - 11 year old children from the Champaign-Urbana and Tolono areas. It is a physical activity based program, which provides children with the opportunity to learn about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition. The program also incorporates special guests from the community to teach the FITKids about different kinds of physical activity. Specifically, we have collaborated with The Point Fencing Club and School, The UIUC Shotokan Karate Club, the Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club, as well as other local clubs and athletes, to provide the FITKids with a well-rounded physically active environment. We partner with the Urbana School District and Unity West Elementary School in our efforts. In addition, FITKids participates in local school events, wellness fairs, and the Market at the Square to teach parents and children about how exercise and nutrition affect the brain. The opportunity to interact directly with members of the community is essential in spreading our brand name and encouraging children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.